The Great Quest

A dramatic feature film based on the true life of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

12. Collapse

Asleep on the boulder, Siddhartha wakes with a start.
Groggy, he looks through the woods at the five eating.
They... they won't give me food.
He pushes on the boulder to get up. He grips his side, indicating excruciating pain. Thunder ROARS. He glances up at the darkening sky.
I'll have... I'll get my own.
He stumbles toward the road, stops, leans on a tree.
MARA  (O.S.)
Right, it's... desire. I can't... must beat the body. Beat it.
He collapses. A light rain falls.
I'm mad. That's it. I... am... mad.
MARA  (O.S.)
Siddhartha! You are fine!
He pulls himself up.
No. It's mad. Need food.
He stumbles further toward the road, thirty yards away. A large cluster of bushes and briars separates him from the road. A waist high boulder rests near the bushes.
It's... all... mad.
MARA  (O.S.)
He falls face down on the ground. Motionless. The wind blows, sending scores of leaves over him. A long moment as if he's dead.
He stirs.
No, the road. Get to the...
He crawls close to the thick cluster of bushes. Exhausted, he lies down next to the boulder.
In the distance a music duo dance along the road. A LUTE-GIRL plucks her strings and sings. Her BROTHER hits cymbals.
For the strings are one with me/ not too tight, not too loose/ otherwise my little song/ will sound like a silly goose.
From under the bushes, Siddhartha watches the Lute-girl intensely. A VISION of Yasodhara appears instead of the Lute-girl.
Keep your strength, my love. Stay strong.
Siddhartha nods. He attempts to push himself up, but he can't. He calls out weakly.
Please... help...
The brother hits the Lute-girl on the arm.
Eh, you hear someone?
They both stop, listen. Lightning flashes through the sky. Thunder BOOMS. Heavy rain falls.
Never mind, hurry.
They race away. Siddhartha tries to call. The words only form on his lips. He passes out. The rain pounds over his body.
CRACK! Lightning strikes a close tree. It breaks, falls toward Siddhartha. SMASH. It hits the boulder next to him, coming to rest just inches above his body.