The Great Quest

A dramatic feature film based on the true life of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

10. Charnel Ground Cemetery

Siddhartha sits meditating amongst the many piles of decaying bodies and skeletons.
A one-eyed woman's spirit rises from one pile. She holds a semi-visible, thick broom handle. With one leg longer than the other, she grunts as she lumbers toward Siddhartha.
He opens his eyes, sees her, closes his eyes.
May she be at peace.
The woman-spirit grunts louder the closer she gets. Stopping inches from him, she utters a DEAFENING SHRIEK and lifts the broom handle high above Siddhartha's head.
She brings it down hard. Siddhartha's head jolts, his body lurches forward.
Dazed but not hurt, he sits upright.
You have nothing to fear. And neither do I.
Confused, the woman-spirit's face softens. She lies down in front of Siddhartha, puts her hand on his knee. The man-spirit floats down, puts his hand on Siddhartha's shoulder.
A three-year-old boy's spirit rises from a pile. Blank-faced, he ambles over and curls up in Siddhartha's lap.
The spirits of a young woman, an old man and others float, walk or crawl out of the corpses to Siddhartha.
They seek to get very close. Those nearest touch his shoulders or legs.
The little boy in Siddhartha's lap looks up at Siddhartha's peaceful face. Tears flow down the boy's cheeks. He buries his head in Siddhartha's chest.