The Great Quest

A dramatic feature film based on the true life of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

7. Siddhartha's early meditation

The full moon light reflects off an alms bowl. Siddhartha sits with Arada.
Siddhartha, it's a perfect night. I'm sure you can penetrate the highest mental absorption now.
Arada gets up.
Remember not to get lost in the colors and bright lights again. You must maintain the equanimity and go higher to the state of nothingness.
Arada leaves. Siddhartha adjusts his posture, shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath.
Black. The SOUND of breathing. The breathing gets stronger. A small white light appears. The breathing sound stops. The light grows larger.
A perfect circular disc. Smashed into a horizontal oval. Stretched wide and thin like a rubber band. Tall. Short. Back to circular.
It breaks apart into five smaller discs. Each one takes a different color. They spin clockwise. Counterclockwise. They flip around like juggling balls. Faster. Faster.
They stop. They break apart into hundreds of discs. They rotate clockwise slowly.
Quicker. Fast. Super fast. Lightning speed. Gone. Black. Nothingness.