The Great Quest

A dramatic feature film based on the true life of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

1. Young Siddhartha and the Priest

Siddhartha wipes sweat off his brow as he stealthily creeps next to the sheer smooth wall. His hand slides along the wall as he regularly glances over his shoulder.
He reaches a Mango tree, loaded with ripe mangoes, twenty feet in from the wall.
He looks in all directions, hoists himself up. He perches on a branch, looks over the wall toward rolling hills and a far off village.
He looks longingly at youths playing sport in a field. Sad, Siddhartha frowns, stands, reaches for a higher branch.
Siddhartha grimaces. With angry defiance he climbs higher.
Shall I call the guards?
Like a caged lion, he peers at his captor. Caught but pride intact, he drops down, confronts the Priest.
So, you dream in your tree.
The Priest gloats.
Your father wants you.
Siddhartha glares.
Enjoy your power while you can, Priest. You will be tamed.
Ha, upstart Prince, going to conquer the world, eh?
Siddhartha strides off. The Priest claps his hands. Two servants hurry over.
Get axes! Cut this dream tree down.